Let it Snow

In early October 2020, while the Mac Murray & Shuster team collaborated to select year-end holiday gifts for clients and vendors, they concluded that sending the usual holiday treats and trinkets just didn’t seem to make much sense. Let’s face it, with many people working from home, there probably wouldn’t be anyone at the office to accept these gifts anyway!

So that got them thinking, “What could we do to show our appreciation in a meaningful way?” and “How can we help others in need?”

Their answer was to turn their budget for holiday gifts into a “$10,000 Snowball” for charity. And so, the Snowball Charity Challenge was born.

But Why Stop there?

Many other businesses felt the same way and it was thought that others would be interested in joining in. So, the word was spread and the business community response was amazing!

To keep the momentum going, Mac Murry & Shuster reached out to SparkRise, a fantastic philanthropic campaign building and PR company, who they felt could make the impact even BIGGER! The SparkRise team loved the idea, and in just a few short weeks were able to get influencers and the media involved to promote the campaign, as well as build the structure for making this great campaign an annual success!

Please join in to help create an avalanche of charitable giving by pledging your donation to charities and then challenging other companies to do the same.

The Cold Facts

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and economic uncertainties, charities are in desperate need of support. Traditional methods of fundraising— concerts, events, and galas — have been canceled or significantly scaled back due to public health concerns. This has created a very grave situation for nonprofits who are, and always have been, on the front lines providing relief to communities in crises like we are facing. This winter giving season is particularly critical in helping to make up for shortfalls from 2020 A recent analysis from Candid, an information service about nonprofits, suggests that’s likely to happen, as donors cut back on spending and fundraising events are canceled. The report looked at more than 300,000 nonprofits in the U.S. In a normal year, around 4% of those nonprofits might close. Now, 11%—or nearly 35,000 nonprofits—might be forced to close, or in a worst-case scenario, as many as 38% .

According to Donorbox, “When supporters see that others have already contributed to a particular cause, they’ll be far more likely to donate themselves.” By engaging in The Snowball Charity Challenge and challenging others to participate in the challenge, you are using your influence to support charities that are struggling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Be a leader in your community and start an Avalanche of support!